Why Home Sellers Turn off Homebuyers

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When selling your home, there are a few things you should consider in order to make it as appealing to buyers as possible. Decluttering and depersonalizing are proven to lead to more offers because they allow the buyer to envision themselves living in your home without being distracted by family pictures or toys scattered around the room. But some agents have had unfortunate experiences where the seller left potentially offensive, dangerous, or questionable things in their house causing the buyer to leave.

In order to guarantee your home leaves a positive impression on buyers and sell your home faster, make sure the following items are cleared out of your home.

Live animals
No matter how cute you think your puppy or rabbit are, a potential buyer may be allergic or won’t appreciate tripping over animals or their droppings while touring your home. Barry Bevis, a broker/owner in Tallahassee, Florida notes that “if you have any evidence of pets in your property, it’s going to turn off a large segment of buyers.”

Animal-Head Trophies
Another thing that can turn off buyers is seeing your trophy deer head over the fireplace. The goal is to make your home attractive to anyone and being that some may find these trophies offensive, it’s best to take them down once you list your home.

One would think this goes without saying but agents have reported walking into a home with their clients and seeing a Nazi flag hanging on the wall. Any emotionally charged or polarizing displays like the Confederate flag are better off removed from the property.

Sports Memorabilia
It’s one thing to be an avid Chargers fan, but what if your buyers are fans of the Patriots? “Having your house decked out in your team might not offend buyers, but it will color the way they think about that house,” REALTOR® Maura Neill says. This is most relevant when long-distance relocating buyers are looking for a home in your area.

Agents have reported a wide variety of questionable objects in homes they’ve shown. From the more subdued examples such as nude baby pictures or artwork, to the extreme cases such as a statue of male genitalia next to a bed or wallpaper patterned with nude women in a guest bathroom – it’s best to put away the not-so-tasteful decorations.

Mystery Rooms
Imagine walking into a home and being told “No, you can’t look at that room – the seller says its off limits.” Weird, right? Make sure to leave every room unlocked so that your home is as inviting as possible.

With the increasing number of relaxed laws in various states, marijuana and other drugs are still federally illegal and can deter buyers. Whether it’s the odor, visible signs of use, or drug paraphernalia in a room, you’ll definitely want to clear these out.

So make it a point to get rid of anything potentially hazardous, offensive, or mysterious in order to create an inviting space for potential buyers to envision themselves living in.

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