A Quarter-Century of Positive Trends

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According to Alan Nevin, director of Economic Research for Xpera Group, it’s easy to get caught up in the negativity and catastrophe that exists in the world. But he persists that we shouldn’t forget some of the amazing changes that have taken place in the past 25 years, both nationally and in San Diego. Here are a few notable positive trends that he notes in his recently published article.


  • The amount of U.S. passports issued has tripled from 4.9 million to 16.6 million
  • Global airline passengers have increased from 1 to 4.1 billion
  • California has hosted 1.5 million visitors from China this year which is an astronomical increase from a mere 300,000 just six years ago


  • Education levels for women have accelerated to match their male counterparts, especially in medicine, law, and business
  • Teen birth rate is at a historic low (one-third lower than 25 years ago
  • The number of marriages that have survived longer than eight years has risen by 20%
  • In San Diego, the total crime rate is down substantially. In 2016, overall crime was the lowest in the past 47 years and in the past quarter century, violent crimes countywide have declined from 12,000 annually to 5,000 even as the population has expanded from 1.1 to 1.4 million


  • And of course, there are a number of businesses and products that have changed our lives within the past 25 years including:
  • YouTube, Wikipedia, Uber, Siri, Nanotechnology, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Airbnb, live streaming, 3D Printing, and more

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