How to Negotiate the Sale Price of your Dream Home

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With the right team and a few intelligent strategies, that slightly over-budget property could be yours. Here are our top 3 strategies you can take to negotiate the sale price of your dream home.

1. Find the right broker
With the proliferation of online marketplaces, it’s no longer the broker’s role to find your property. Instead, a broker’s job is to work with you to come up with the strongest possible offer for your home. Interview agents about their experience in negotiating asking prices, their tactics, and so on.

2. Know the market
How much room you have to negotiate depends heavily on the market you’re shopping in. In competitive markets, sales prices vary significantly block by block, depending on the quality of the housing stock and proximity to amenities or public transit. There are also larger factors to consider, from inventory levels to interest rates. Your broker should be able to understand both the big picture and micro details that contribute to housing demand.

3. Understand your opposition
Studies show that the parties with the most success have the most information about their opponents, as opposed to walking into something completely blind. Your broker should figure out the appetite for any given property as well as existing offers on the table.

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